Reflection at the End of the Year. Motivated by Reality

Publication date: 
December 2022

What can we say to close out the year that would not sound banal? How do we choose words that avoid falling into discouragement or nihilism? How do we sustain hope? Faced with this avalanche of reality, we cannot remain self-contained. We just cannot. Without a doubt, it is incumbent upon us to analyze reality, to try to comprehend it, to inform ourselves in order to know what part of comes closest to us, and, above all, to allow ourselves to be moved by it. All of that requires a willingness and effort, but escape is not possible nor is any respite that would come from avoidance or immobility. 


Most of the booklets are authored by persons on the team of Cristianisme i Justícia, that is, by individuals who voluntarily take part in one of the center’s areas of reflection and activity (theological, social, or spiritual). Other booklets are attributed to CJ itself since they are products of the collaborative efforts of several persons on the team.  If you would like to learn more about Cristianisme i Justícia, you can consult the Who Are We? section on our website.

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