Violence in the Islamic world

Publication date: 
February 2018

Islam is the religion that is expected to grow faster in the next forty years even though it is immerse in a profound crisis, which has violence as one of its most notable and worrying problems. In this context we wonder if violence can be considered as part of Islam; to what extent the justification for the use of violence that fundamentalist groups claim can find support in the Koran or if it is possible to reinterpret religious texts and history in a way that allows a peaceful Islam in the twenty-first century. At least as peaceful and positive as most of Muslims’ lives.


Jesuit, is coordinator of the Theological Area of Cristianisme i Justícia and professor in Facultat de Teologia de Catalunya. He has a degree in Philosophy from the Universitat de Barcelona, a degree in Theology from the Centre Sèvres of Paris, and a PhD in Islamic Studies from the École Pratique des Hautes Études of Sorbonne with a thesis on the Sufi master Ibn Arabî. His previous publications with Cristianisme i Justícia are Fundamentalism (2005) and Itinerant lives: for an Interreligious Theology of Migrations (2007). and the last Islam.The crescent moon... waxing (2016). He has also published several Papers, the latest (June 2021) about the situation in Palestine. 

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