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The protestant reformation at 500 years

New booklet published by Jaume Botey.

We cannot understand modern-day Europe without understanding the role played by Luther in the Reformation of the 16th century. That event went far beyond the religious realm and revealed the existence of two cultures, two models of social relations, two manners of understanding political power, and even two economic systems. Many of the topics debated during the Reformation and the early Renaissance period are still being debated in our contemporary European society, which is as perplexed and perplexing today as it was in those days.

Jaume Botey had a licentiate in philosophy and theology and a doctorate in anthropology. He was a professor of the History of Culture at the Universitat Autònoma of Barcelona. He published the book El colapse del sistema. Bases per a pensar el nou milleni (2014) [The collapse of the system: bases for thinking about the new millennium] and in this collection: Bush and his God (booklet 118, June 2004). He was a member of the team of Cristianisme i Justícia until his death in February, 2018.

You can download this booklet by clicking here.

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