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Cultura i societat

2 September 2020

In this Notebook the Author gathers together the response generated by COVID-19 among the political and economic classes and the consequences that are the prelude to future crises. Because once we are on the other side of the pandemic it is necessary to take on urgently the social and economic aspects of our system that should be questioned in order to foresee and avoid the recurrence in the near future of episodes like the one which we are now living.

18 June 2020

Racism is something more profound than the explicit prejudices and stereotypes expressed by intolerant or reactionary individuals. That is to say, discrimination is not just a question of people who are bigoted. Discrimination is inevitably produced by a system that classifies and grades persons and peoples. Such a system calls into question the humanity of persons or behaviors that are different from those of the supposedly ideal modern subject, namely, the white, well-off, heterosexual male.

25 May 2020

The coronavirus has caught humanity off-guard. Death, so far from the daily experience of the self-proclaimed first world, has instead become an event that affects us closely, and in a terribly painful way due to the circumstances we find ourselves in. Although having been affected in many different ways, this is the first disease our generation has faced which affects the world at a universal level, yet it is from this fact that a light of hope springs forth: we may once again feel like one united humanity through the experience of our shared vulnerability.

31 January 2020

Growing inequality and the corruption of leaders have split our society apart. Neoliberalism has become an intolerable ideology for the majority of people. For some that is because they suffer its consequences in their own lives. For others it is because the ideology subtly reduces them to individual consumers whose only value is being interchangeable numbers instead of persons. This is causing a great sense of unease throughout the world. In spite of this reality, the framework that we propose chooses hope, a hope based on the conviction that it is necessary to forge new bonds.

1 January 2019

End-of-Year Reflection

As we conclude 2018, menacing clouds hang over our democracies. The globalization of authoritarianism appears to be suffocating our hopes for progressively more humane societies. Are we able to believe that, despite the dark shadows, the sun is still there?

1 January 2017

We take leave of the year 2016 with a long list of unresolved problems, to which new ruptures keep getting added. The pain keeps increasing, and the deaths of so many “saints Innocents” threaten to eclipse whatever hopes are engendered by the “birth” of many initiatives of solidarity. Those of us at Cristianisme i Justícia want to make a plea for dialogue and debate so as to keep from advancing toward the precipice. For, despite all the evidence, our faith in humanity and in what is most sacred therein encourages us to believe that we can help to turn the tide.

14 December 2011

This is the end-of-year reflection elaborated by Cristianisme i Justícia. In the text we point out both the points we consider most worrisome in the present economic and political situation and some of the hopeful signs that should help us overcome these difficult circumstances. Faced with the danger of moving toward a “scenario of even greater poverty and inequality,” we feel an urgent need to seek out more just ways of organizing society.

30 September 1999