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Cultura i societat

1 November 2000
1 August 2002
31 January 2004
30 June 2004
29 February 2008

For years now, our society is becomingincreasingly conscious of a deep crisisin the Catholic Church. For some,this represents a confirmation of the end of Christianity. For others it represents something that could be described as a regression, or a “winter-time” of the Church (K. Rahner), a return to the bastions1, a State coup by the so-called “Theocons” or using the more traditional Teresian expression: “hard times”.

28 February 2010

Today, it is both a practical and tacit form of nihilism that exists,which is neither formulated nor expressed, yet which acts as a latentframework for a few specific lifestyles which certain thinkers havedescribed as the "culture of oblivion", the "era of emptiness","liquid modernity"... With this in mind, it only seems to put forwardthe claim for a form of justice that involves the recovery of memoryand a new sense of happiness."

31 May 2007

Aquest quadern és una reflexió sobre les identitats socials i col·lectives. Es parteix d'una anàlisi del nostre món dividit, tot veient l'arrel de les fractures socials, i proposant, com a possible solució, la recuperació de les formes comunitàries. El capítol central indica com han de ser en el segle XXI les comunitats que poden donar identitat als individus. Finalment, es fa una breu reflexió sobre què pot aportar el cristianisme al debat per crear una societat més comunitarista.