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Cultura i societat

1 February 2014

At a political and cultural moment like ours, with its all-pervasive mediocrity, the figure of Tolstoy, at once revolutionary and spiritual, may serve as a stimulus for a generation of citizens who are perplexed, indignant, and rebellious. The present booklet captures the genius of this great moral teacher, the likes of whom are only too rare in our present day.

1 September 2014

More than half a century after its birth and despite its undoubted success, the European project appears to have run aground. The particular interests of the various countries once again are taking priority over the general interests of the community, and many citizens are showing themselves indifferent, if not hostile, to the European project. The collapse began earlier on, but it culminated with the extreme economic crisis we are now suffering. Is this the end of the road? Is it worth the trouble to continue in this Union, given the way they’ve left it?

31 July 2006

After  the novel and the film called “The Da Vinci Code”, the Gospel of Judas, that is a text quite pleasant, appears among best sellers books. The sales of  “The Da Vinci Code” are countless. Is this fact singe of  intrinsic values, of exciting curiosity, or of citizens vulnerability in front of medias? This booklet tries to answer all these questions.

1 March 2016

Islam, the religion of the crescent moon, is expanding numerically and is present everywhere in the mass media. Presently it is in a state of turmoil, engaged in a profound internal debate about its relation to tradition. A great number of political, social, and economic components mix together in a true ideological civil war. This booklet offers a short but complete map which will help the reader to understand where Islam is today and where it is headed.