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Re-reading our own lives. In the steps of St Ignatius's Autobiography

Data de publicació: 
Març 2017

St Ignatius dictated his autobiographical reminiscences to Fr Gonçalves da Câmara shortly before his death. This booklet aims to help us re-examine our own biographies in the light of Ignatius’s, not something purely anecdotal or chronological but one attending to force lines that are at work within. We may grow through the discovery that God has led our own lives too, ‘dealing with us in the same way as a schoolmaster deals with a child, teaching him’ [Au 27].

At each stage we will plot the historical context in which Ignatius’s life is set; his inner life, or what is happening to him inwardly as his external pilgrimage unfolds; and ways in which our own life journeys may unfold, providing an invitation to re-examine what the Spirit has been working in us.

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